Marriage:Look well before you leap into it

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Wisdom is very vital in life. When i was growing up i thought i could only be fulfilled as a woman when i get married. Ohhh how wrong i was. Infact i was so wrong. Do you know why i say so,that is because that thought was actually a limitation to me. Just that little thought prevented me from detecting the potentials God bestowed on me and developping them.

I have realized that when a lady’s mind is focused only on marriage it becomes a source of Limitation.They no longer work towards fulfilling their own destiny but rather work towards having a settled home.

I want to say this God created a man and a woman and gave them separate destinies.So its going to be so silly for you as a woman not to work out your individual destiny and then you believe things will go well only when you get married. Yes,you might be married to the riches man in the world but so long as you dont work hard to developing your God given potential,there will always be a feeling of lack and unfulfillment.

A man of God i loved so much by name Myles Munroe once said ”When you allow the pressure to get married to define you,you will execute irrational and poor judgment and will create a sense of desperation and fear because of your anxiousness to find a mate”

Marriage is not a race, don’t rush, take your time, don’t be desperate and always pray for the right partner because i tell you,it would be better you remain single than marry the wrong person.


Born Again Church tears family apart

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A living church in Yaoundé, centre region of Cameroon has shattered an entire family apart.
The family living in one of the neighborhoods in Yaoundé is made up of a husband, wife and five children who had all been living peacefully till the family head joint a so called “living church”.
According to the spouse, the day her husband joint the said church, his behavior completely changed. He stopped spending time with his family or even eating some particular dishes.
The woman further advanced that things became worst when the man came home recently declaring that the pastor prophesied he was married to the wrong woman. The prophesy caused the man to abandon his wife and five children to live in a one room house with an usher of that church.
The man is strongly convinced that his live with the usher is God’s will and despite enormous attempts to bring him back home, he remained adamant, said his wife. At press time, the population had advised the man’s wife to report the case at the Ministry of social Affairs where proper actions will be taken.

Frequent power cut sparks outrage among Cameroonians

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For several weeks now, Cameroonians have been expressing anger and dissatisfaction with the current electricity shortage experienced in all corners of the nation. The situation has attained a stage where people hardly boost of a day without very long hours of blackout.
The effects of these extended electricity shortages have been far reaching, affecting students, civil servants and business operators in the whole country. In large cities like Yaoundé and Douala, power cuts have rendered several individuals jobless due to the invaluable need of electrical energy to perform their jobs. Students going in for various examinations have equally decried the pathetic situation as it perturb their study schedule and may lead to very poor results.
According to officials of the electricity Supply Company in Cameroon, ENEO, the frequent power cuts observed in cities are as a result of a drop in the river levels where electricity is generated. They have also apportioned the blame on the use of very outdated materials in the supply chain of electricity such as polls, meters and even some cables.
The former electricity company, AES Sonel operating in Cameroon, was officially renamed as Eneo Cameroun SA (Energy of Cameroon) on September 12, 2014 at a ceremony held in Yaoundé. The name-change followed the British private equity investment firm, Actis, taking over all assets of the American company, AES, in Cameroon’s electricity sector. With the changes effected, many Cameroonians were of the opinion that things will get better but as at now, the story has worsened as some cry out loud claiming AES SONEL was better.
Meanwhile eneo is still searching for lasting solutions to improve on the electricity sector in the Country; consumers are disgruntled and are expecting a rapid reform which will lead to less power cuts and better living conditions.

Family mourns death of living child.

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The family living at the Melen neighborhood in Yaoundé received news about the death of their son last week in Sangmelima.
This announcement sparked off total mourning in the house and later in the whole quarter. For several days, family members, friends and sympathizers visited the house to mourn the demise of the boy with the family.
After weeping for days, the family decided to send a delegation of three to Sangmelima to recover their son’s corpse. Amongst the delegation were; the assumed death boy’s mother, the father and the uncle. They were accompanied to the town by a car that was given them for that particular occasion by the boy’s boss who had joint the rest of the crowed to lament.
Upon arrival in the town, the delegation drove to a small village in the locality where the boy lived. Great was their surprise when the boy came out of his house to welcome them. For a moment, the air was filled with total panic and confusion. The family thought they had seen a ghost. After several minutes, calm was restored and it was discovered that the boy was not only in very good shape, but he was living with a girl that had just given birth to a baby boy.
The family, who had travelled to Sangmelima to recuperate their son’s corpse, rather came back to Yaoundé with a new born baby. It was all false news that had been spread around. The entire family, friends and loved ones have all embarked on feasting and celebration of life.

ASJUB clocks 20

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We would not have been where we are today celebrating                                                                                                                                                                20 years if we never knew the importance of this word LOVE.It is this love that has taken us through the hurdles during the tough and difficult moments.It is this same love that made us call ourselves a FAMILY. ASJUB is an association with prestige which many other associations on campus respect a lot. our parties are usually a blast because we know how to make simple things look glamorous and prestigious.On this our20th anniversary celebration all I can say is LET LOVE LEAD in ASJUB.IMG-20150609-WA0004

Cameroon Army in the fight against Boko Haram

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Watch “Boko Haram: on patrol with Cameroon’s elite Israeli-trained forces”

Watch how Cameroonians perform their civic reponsibility on 20th May

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Watch “20th May 2015 march-pass Cameroon ( National Day )”